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Georgia's Fallen Heroes

Memorial Tree


The UCRP sponsored a Christmas Tree at North Georgia Technical College in Blairsville. The purpose of this tree was to give honor and respect to those service members who have given their life in the Global War On Terrorism. In addition to traditional ornaments the tree also included American Flags and crosses bearing the names of all from Georgia who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms in the GWOT. The tree was topped with flags from all branches of military service. A sign under the tree stated "There are no gifts under the tree. The gifts have already been given". Several other placards of recognition surrounded the tree. There was also a member of the North Georgia Honor Guard standing watch over the tree and answering questions to those in attendance. We owe so much to all veterans for their sacrifices and this tree is a way to say "Thank You, we remember you". We hope to make this an annual tribute and encourage other organizations to do likewise. It's the least we can do.

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