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2009 Union County Republican Party Convention

New Officers 2009.jpg (171312 bytes)

The 2009 - 2011 UCRP Executive Committee

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DA Gunter, Rep.Allison, UCRPchm.Honaker,Conven.chm.Turnage.jpg (135818 bytes)

DA Stan Gunter, Representative Stephen Allison, Chairman Chuck Honaker and State Committeeman Andrew Turnage

Singing Nat'l Anthem UCRP convention 2009.jpg (76708 bytes)

Lindsey Squire singing our National Anthem

Chm.Honaker with children at convention 2009.jpg (132949 bytes)

An educational experience

Dist.Atty.Gunter receives certificate.jpg (86602 bytes)

Chairman Honaker presenting certificate to DA Gunter

Rep.Allison.jpg (70888 bytes)

Representative Allison receiving certificate

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